Stefan Burns Bio Picture

Geoscientist. Explorer. Entrepreneur.

Stefan Burns discovered his curiosity for science and the Earth’s natural processes when he first started a rock collection as a young kid, and he discovered his passion for science communication at the age of six when he opened up a Turtle Facts stand in lieu of a lemonade stand. Stefan developed a deep appreciation and respect for the natural world as a boy scout, of which he attained the maximum rank of Eagle Scout.

Now Stefan is a geophysicist who is working for Geometrics, a geophysical equipment manufacturer, and he is also a co-host for the Science Channel show Secrets of the Underground. With Secrets of the Underground, he travels around the world with host Rob Nelson in a quest to solve unexplained underground mysteries using the latest in geophysical science and technology.

Outside of the geosciences, Stefan enjoys spending his time with friends and family, enjoying outdoor activities, living a healthy lifestyle, and pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Currently in development, Stefan’s children’s book One Good Turtle, is an inspiring story about a shy turtle and a fearsome alligator where the complex issue of bullying is addressed in an easy to understand manner, for kids and adults alike. One Good Turtle is set for release early 2018.