New USGS Earthquake Guidelines Released - Be Prepared!

Earthquake Map

Having grown up in "earthquake country", everyone assumes that us Californians have lived through massive earthquakes multiple times and come out with feathers unruffled. Well fortunately for most of us, that's untrue. Unfortunately for us, if a major magnitude 7+ earthquake were to rupture, we would not walk away from the incident unscathed.

Luckily, the SF Bay Area is home to some of the top earthquake researchers in the world, and some of those geoscientists at the USGS just came out with a report called The HayWired Earthquake Scenario - We Can Outsmart Disaster. The report outlines the consequences of what would likely happen if a hypothetical magnitude 7.0 earthquake were to rupture along the Hayward fault, one of the most dangerous faults in the country because of it's length and because it runs through a dense highly urbanized area (Hayward, Oakland, Fremont, Richmond, San Jose).

While It can be frightening imagining such a scenario, I think it's important to consider the possibility and plan for the worse. Read the USGS HayWired Report, and take any appropriate measures to be prepared!

Stefan Burns