Crazy Time in Crypto Town

The great experiment of cryptocurrency, and all it's related technologies, started on Janurary 3rd, 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto mined the first Bitcoin block. Since then the space has evolved tremendously, seemingly on a four year time scale.

Yesterday, notable altcoins such as Ethereum, Ripple, Vechain, 0x, Bitcoin Cash, and others dropped 10-30%, painting the market with the color of blood. Fortunes were lost, fortunes were gained. How did this happen?

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New USGS Earthquake Guidelines Released - Be Prepared!

Having grown up in "earthquake country", everyone assumes that us Californians have lived through massive earthquakes multiple times and come out unscathed with feathers unruffled. Well fortunately for most of us, that's untrue. Unfortunately for us, if a major magnitude 7+ earthquake were to rupture, we would not walk away from the incident unscathed.

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Going Live with Jason Learning - Feb 15, 2018 at 1:00pm EST

Jason Learning reached out to me a couple of weeks ago to see if I'd like to join them to be featured as a "Stem Role Model" for their 2018 kickoff live event. I of course said yes!

In the live event thousands of people, primarily students, tune in an ask any questions they might have, either about the person or their career. I'm really excited for this opportunity and to hopefully inspire a passion for the Earth Sciences in a few lucky kids!

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116 Years of Climate Change - Visualized

Last year I stumbled upon this graphic created by Antti Lipponen, a researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, showing the change in the Earth's atmospheric temperature at various countries over the past 116 years, and today I want to share it with those who might not have seen it. It's a powerful 30 seconds, and the temperatures positive rate of change shown is at least 10 times faster than ever before measured throughout geologic time.

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Strategies for Success - 1% Better Daily

We're ten days into 2018, and I wanted to celebrate the creation of this new personal website with a quick discussion on goal setting and resolutions.

Normally I don't set for myself New Years's resolutions. Why? Well I find the tradition a bit cliche, especially since usually people fail them left and right throughout the first couple months of every new year. If these New Year's resolutions are being failed at high rates every year, clearly there is something wrong with the system. So how can we go about this differently in order to achieve lasting success?

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